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470 Highway 96 W. Suite 200
Shoreview MN, 55126
Contact Name: Samy Boulos
Contact Phone: 651) 366-6880
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Dr. Boulos brings over 15 years of experience, education and training to ensure that patients receive the gentle care they deserve. With that in mind, Dr. Samy Boulos is a Shoreview, MN dentist practicing cosmetic dentistry as well as family dentistry. He offers patients a wide variety of procedures including Veneers, Lumineers, Crowns, Caps, Bridges, Dental Implants, Restorations, teeth whitening, tooth extractions and gum disease treatment. As an added convenience for our patients, Boulos Dental Care also takes appointments for children ages four and older.  
When you visit our Shoreview dental office, your smile is our top priority.  Dr. Boulos and his entire team are dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve.

Website: http://www.boulosdentalcare.com
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Comment from g bo:


(Based on contemporaneous notes)

Temporarily without dental insurance but in need of cleaning, I utilized a coupon for first-time patients which offered cleaning, bite wing x-rays and exam for total of $100.  Boulos Dental's desk rep Lynn confirmed the arrangement when I arrived, and hygienist Marla said she knew I had no dental insurance.

Despite that, while taking gum measurements early in appointment, Marla said I had 4- and 5-millimeter gaps and that scaling was necessary.  She said this without undergoing further tests, stating other symptoms or discussing it with dentist Boulos.

Notably, Marla said I would NEED to return to the office for the scaling; she did not offer it as an option and said nothing about additional costs. Absent that, I asked her about costs and she said Lynn would go over that before I left.  I said I wanted only the regular cleaning, as scheduled, but Marla replied she might not have enough time before lunch. Eventually, Marla invited Lynn into the room for further explanation.

I told Lynn I had two concerns: that I might not need the procedure since my teeth are well-maintained and my gums are pink and rarely bleed.  My second, larger concern was that Marla said hastily that I needed the scaling without seeking my approval or discussing costs - and did so while clearly aware that I had no dental insurance.  Adding to my consternation, Lynn told me, when asked, that the procedure could cost as much as $1000.

I said again that I wanted only the regular cleaning, and agreed to sign a "refusal of service" form.  When Boulos arrived, he said my signature was required to protect him in case of a negative outcome and he supported Marla's claim that scaling was necessary.  At one point, while I wrote notes, Boulos said, "What are you writing on your paper?" - a strange question with no apparent purpose.

I was also told that x-rays revealed a cavity.  Marla said I would get a treatment plan but I didn't, so I called later that afternoon and asked Lynn to mail me one.  I received a statement several days later, and it offered an estimate for the scaling that I chose not to do.  The cost: $660 total, or $220 for each of three quadrants that the clinic said was necessary without discussing costs until I asked.

Most disturbing of all, on the bottom of the form was a handwritten note that read, "We would prefer that you would find a new provider for your dental needs."  They said this well-aware that I behaved respectfully from start to finish and never raised my voice.

While I wasn't going to return anyway, Boulos Dental's completely unjustified rejection of my service stunned me.  Upon reflection, however, it shouldn't have.  Their written dismissal of me was merely the last of a series of jarringly unprofessional actions.

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