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Outpatient Medical Center at Leesville - Leesville Community Health Center

900 North Fifth Street
Leesville LA, 71446
Contact Phone: 337-238-1274
Clinic Details:

Outpatient Medical Center, Inc. (OMC) was founded on December 19, 1977. OMC operaties three sites located in Natchitoches, Vernon, and Madison Parish.

Website: http://www.outpatientmedical.org/
Services: Dental Care Services, Primary Medical Care
Remarks: Year round

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Comment from Shelly:

was great the workers are nice and they give you a reminder call for your appointment. 

Comment from ananymous:

This clinic only has a nurse practitioner, no doctors.  You might as well "play doctor" for yourself cause this nurse is just going to tell you your bloodwork is NORMAL and ecnores your symptoms being told to her. She claims: "whatever the blood test shows; thats what it is; make sure you are seeing your psycholgist; depression causes tiredness. CLEARLY presenting symptoms of a thyroid disorder, she refers me to a cardiologist when the underlying factors lead to needing to see an ENDOCRINOLOGIST instead! I understand she is not a thyroid specialist but even a general practitioner should know that my symptoms were thyroid related. She doesnt consider anything other than doing things by the book; not considering some people's bodies formed antibodies (Hashimoto's) and more importantly a lot of blood tests do not test AT THE CELLULAR LEVEL which was my problem. She even felt my neck for possible goiter; said i was fine (But my new doc found several nodules) All my frustration with this practitioner led me to have to make decicions for myself...i found an Endo, ordered my own blood work/ tests....My diagnosis? I have Grave's disease-HYPERTHYROIDISM.

Comment from garf3030:

This is not a free clinic; It's a reduced cost clinic. And ill just say its a waste of the $20 fee that i spend

Comment from Concerned daughter: Called to see if my dad could be seen, I told the young lady on the phone that my dad needed to see the doctor in regards to his hands, she places me on hold, comes back on the phone and tells me that I have to take my dad to the ER because "they don't have anything for hands!" She didn't even ask what was wrong with my dads hands!!!! WOW!!!!

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