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Dell Children's-Circle of Care Pediatrics at Hutto - Hutto Low Cost Clinic

123 Ed Schmidt Blvd Ste 140
Hutto TX, 78634-5585
Contact Phone: 877-800-5722
Clinic Details: Lone Star Circle of Care is committed to the pursuit of community-wide access to a behaviorally enhanced, patient-centered health care home that provides accountable care for all patients, focusing on the underserved.

Website: www.lscctx.org
Services: Pediatric primary care
Remarks: Community Health, Urban Area, Permanent Clinic, Full-Time
Operation Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Latest Reviews, Comments, Questions for Dell Children's-Circle of Care Pediatrics at Hutto

Comment from whatever:

Let me start by saying the "staff" of this office has their hands tied because of the DELL bureaucracy. So what I'm going to say is directed at Dell Children's hospital and the Dr's involved with this public relations tax shelter.
It sometimes takes weeks to get prescriptions refilled, not the 5-7 days they tell you. The Dr's are spread out over several clinics so your Dr can only see you specific days at your local office. If my kid is sick I need to get in today, not a week from now because it is Wednesday and the Dr is only here on Tuesday. Records are impossible to get a hold of. Anyway, I could go on but you get the idea.

Comment from TiffanyG:

Lone Star Circle of Care in Hutto, TX is the worst pediatric office in regards to their administration staff and processes. Keep in mind this is a sliding scale office but this doesn't apply to me as we have health insurance through United Healthcare. When you make an appointment the time quoted is 20 minutes earlier than your actual check in time. This is to give time to update patient info, which is not necessary for every appointment. Then I generally have to wait another 15-20 minutes before being brought back. The nurse completes the initial survey that last no more than 10 minutes and then says the doctor will be in soon. At minimum we wait another 20 minutes (on a good day) before the doctor comes in. Then spend another 20 minutes with the doctor. On average an appointment takes 1.5hrs and if they are busy you can guarantee an easy 2-2.5hrs. This is a pediatric office and it is ridiculous to ask 2yr old patients and parents to wait that long. The administrative staff isn't very helpful, especially with long waits. One administrative staff is highly unprofessional and informed a parent asking about wait times that they would need to get used to waiting when coming in since there are too many patients to doctors. I made a complaint to the person who handles grievances for all area clinics and nothing happened... The lady still works there. She should've been fired on the spot since she doesn't have professional people skills. I requested shot records to be faxed and was informed I needed to sign a release, which is understandable for HIPAA, but was told it would take 3 days for the request to be fulfilled. Are you kidding me?!! They're are using EMR software and that request shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes. The stand in doctor even 'forgot' we were in the room one day...45 minutes. The nice nurse Juanita found us and got someone to help right away. My daughter's doctor, whom I did research on, is no longer practicing at that clinic either. The provider staff are constantly rotating which I feel is not good care since none are familiar with my daughter. I understand that provider staff must rotate but I shouldn't have to experience so many different doctors. Each appointment I make I dread, which is why I'm looking for another clinic. Do not use this clinic if you don't have to.

Comment from Unhappy:

Got there at 8 for a 1st time check up at 8:20, the doc did not come in to see us tell 8:55. Then when i said somthing about it she was like well do you want me to check him or not. What the HELL!! Dont know if we will be back.

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