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First Choice Primary Care Inc. - Downtown - Macon Community Health Center

770 Walnut St
Macon GA, 31201
Contact Phone: (478) 787-4266
Clinic Details: First Choice Primary Care was established in 2007. First Choice Primary Care Inc. is a non-profit community health center operating in Macon and Warner Robins. As a community health center, we provide quality care to insured, uninsured, and underserved individuals. We also help you learn more about how to stay healthy, manage any chronic problems, and improve your overall medical status.

Services: Health Screenings; Chronic Disease Treatment; Blood Pressure Monitoring; Blood Cholesterol Screening; Immunizations; Well Women Exams; Treatment for Sick Visits and Minor Injuries; Well Child Check-ups; Routine/School/Sports Physicals; Lab Services
Remarks: Duplicate with id # 13314, Urban Area, Permanent Clinic, Year-Round, Full-Time (open 53 hours per week)
Payment Method: Sliding Fee Scale, Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance Plans, etc.
Operation Hours: Mon-Thurs: 7:00am-6:00pm, Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm

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Comment from justme: I would not recommend that anyone seek medical attention, advice, or medications from this Non-Profit Organization, as they do not seem to think that a blatant violation of the Federal HIPPA Laws is worthy of terminating an employee that 'signed a formal agreement' to NOT do such. I am a victim of blatant multiple violations of the HIPPA Laws from this organizations newly hired receptionist, Candice, and intend to seek further legal action due to this violation and due to the fact that there has been no recourse or other disciplilnary action taken by the CEO and Office Manager of 1st Choice Primary Care, located on Walnut St., Macon Ga. I wrote a letter of complaint to my physician. Received a call from the CEO to tell me he could do anything because he was merely a contractual employee for them, and that the newly hired receptionist would continue to be employeed with them. The recpetionist, inebriated at the time, screamed out in public that myself and my entire family were drug addicts because she had seen my medical records and my medication list; only two are deemed narcotics. She did not bother to scream that I have Lupus SLE, breast cysts, bladder cysts that are being treated, and recently biopsied, endometriosis, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, low blood sugar issues, and a hiatal hernia. The receptionist, unfortunatley, moved into my neighborhood a few weeks ago - this came from her own mouth, as she proceeded to tell me that this Non-Profit Organization that seeks to help those who cannot afford medical services otherwise, would not see me as scheduled due to a balance on my account that I was unaware of being owed. And upon finding out that I lived in the same subdivision, she took it upon herself to review MY medical records, my minor sons medical records. She then proceeded to tell at least three other unrelated adults, and two minor unrelated children, and at least two other residents of my subdivison about my medical/prescriptions, and fruther proceeded to tell them that 'me and my entire family were drug addicts. HIPPA Laws are in place to protect patients from violations such as this, yet the CEO and Manager could merely offer to 'send my medical records to another physician' rather than terminate the employee that signed an Oath NOT to violate the HIPPA Laws in place. I have been a patient at this organization for close to five years, my physician is not able to have any input regarding this situation, as he is merely a pawn in this Non-Profit Organizations game of, 'oh well.' I have spoken to everyone that I have recommended this physician to and have contacted the Human Services Department in Atlanta and Washington, in order to try to get some type of action taken against this receptionist. It is disheartening to find out that after I THOUGHT I had found a physician that knew all of my medical history and medical condtions, who has been very attentive and pro-active in seeing that any other issues I may have had were taken care of immediately, and a physician that knew ME as a person and a patient, is not important to 1st Choice Primary Care. The CEO and Office Manager do not deem me, nor those I have referred, important enough to appease. They would rather pay the receptionist that has violated her Oath and the HIPPA Laws, in a rather blatant and inebriated fashion to people I do not know, than try to assure the patient(s) that this would NOT occur again by terminating the employee. It is not that there is a lack of well-qualified people seeking a position such as hers, but more a 'let us save our butts' recourse that they have taken. I could not, in good conscience, recommend this office for anyone that believes their medical privacy is sacred and that not 'just anyone' should be allowed to access, judge, and tell anyone they wish whatever they wish regarding any patient, as this receptionist is still employeed there and has access to everyone that visits that office. It is a shame they were so willing to have me, my son, and others I've referred leave the practice as a patient, rather than terminate the employee. If you seek assistance at 1st Choice Primary Care, located on Walnut Stree, Macon, GA., be aware that the receptionist may just access your records and tell everyone/anyone she knows everything about you. There will be further legal action taken on my end. I fully intend to pursue this incident to the fullest extent of the law, Non-Profit or not; a violation of law is a violation of law. There will be formal complaints made locally, in Atlanta, and in Washington. Unfortunately, now it is up to me to find another physician that will take the time to attend to my many medical needs, such as the one contractually employeed by this organization. I am so sorry that he has no say so in the actions, or lack thereof, regarding the CEO and Office Manager's decision to merely 'investigate' and not even offer any type of recourse or satisfaction on my behalf.
Comment from Kate:

More like Last Choice. I went to this facility feeling sick. I had to wait 2 weeks to get my visit. When I got there the woman at the window just said "name?" at me. I was taken aback but whatever. I went to see the doctor and she had no idea what was wrong with me. She tested my blood for everything possible. They took 5 vials!!! She said when we had the results she would be able to tell me what was wrong and help me to feel better. She wrote me some prescriptions for asthma and I went home. After contacting the pharmacy I found out she never sent my prescriptions. I called the office for help. I talked to someone who said they would pass on the message at 7:30am by noon they had still not called the medication in. I called several times throughout that day and the next and was hung up on, put on hold for over 10 minutes and then sent to voicemail, and lied to. I was not someone who was calling for refills but someone who couldn't breathe because they never sent my prescription!!
Almost 2 WEEKS later NO ONE had given me the results. I had called and tried to talk to the office manager but she NEVER picks up the phone. Finally, I was sent home from work because I was ill and tried to see the doctor there. The person that answered the phone said that there was no one who could see me... That is what primary care is for right? you go in when you are sick? Just crazy.
I found another doctor and needed my medical records to provide them with the information about what had been done. I called 1st choice and was told "No problem but you have to be at the window in the office before we will print them out." Then I was told that it was fine for me to just come in right then and get my records.
I went to get my records and was told at the window that it was NOT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO HAVE MY MEDICAL RECORDS. The woman at the front desk then sent me to see the manager. The manager sat with her back to me and wanted me to explain what had happened over the past 2 weeks. I'm not a fan of talking to someone's back who was very argumentative and rude and I don't think anyone else is either. She basically told me I had made up the whole thing. Just insanely rude. I asked for my records and said I had no time to talk because I had an appointment. She said she wasn't going to give them to me. I left so that I could make it on time to the other doctor's office.
After my appointment at the other office I went back for my records. The manager wanted me back in her office. I asked for my records and she said she didn't have them! Are you kidding me? I could see them on her screen. She said she would have to send for them and that there would be a fee and that I would have to wait 30 days. I am sick now. I was tested so that a doctor could treat me. Now they are withholding the reason why I am sick? I then went to the lab to ask for my results. They had tried to print them for me one day but the computer was down. I was going to ask for them when the office manager came around the corner and told me I had to leave. I informed her that I would just wait for my results. She then told me she had called the POLICE!! Seriously? I was going to just wait for them and tell them what happened but I was unsure about what they may do so I just left.
I was sure to inform the patients waiting to be seen not to go there. I hope that this review helps others avoid the kind of "treatment" I received.

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