All You Need to know about Health Insurance during Pregnancy

   Written by: Free Clinic Directory | Published On: December 31, 2015

Health insurance is a must for every woman, especially when planning to have a baby. Prenatal care and postnatal care, delivery, and prescription medication can be quite expensive and not everyone is able to afford these. However, when you are insured, you get to cut on costs and enjoy a stress-free pregnancy.

So, before you go out to explore health insurance options, take a look at these tips that will help you make the right decision.

Questions to Ask to the Coverage Provider

Before choosing an insurance plan for pregnancy, you need to make sure that it is perfect for you and covers all costs. Below is a list of questions that you need to ask the insurance provider.

  • Does the plan provide coverage for prenatal care procedures like ultrasounds and medications?
  • Does the plan cover prenatal and maternity care?
  • What are the hospital options near your home?
  • What is the time period of the coverage?
  • Does the coverage include post delivery care?
  • Does the insurance plan have an annual reimbursement limit?
  • Does the coverage include birth centers and midwife clinics
  • Do I need to inform you if I get admitted?
  • Do I need to run permissions past you?
  • Does the plan cover Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)?

These questions will give you a clearer idea of whether the insurance provider is perfect for you or not.

Find an Affordable Pregnancy Insurance Plan

The costs of healthcare during pregnancy can be as high as $6, 000 with insurance. However, if you want to look for a more affordable option, you should start your search. A good way to save money on pregnancy care bills is to opt for a government based plan like Medicaid, Affordable Care Act, or CHIP. These plans offer low-cost pregnancy care to women who cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars.

You can also make this search less challenging by looking into a maternity insurance provider directory for an insurance provider in your state.

Don’t Overlook the Option of Birthing Center

If you are in search of an affordable maternity insurance plan and can’t find one, the best option that you have is to opt for a birthing center or a midwife clinic. These clinics are home based and charge less for prenatal and postnatal care and other checkups. Moreover, they take payments in advance so you can discuss about a monthly payment option to make the payment process less stressful.

Get Maternity Coverage from Your Employer

Almost every employer offers maternity benefits. So, if you want to lower costs during pregnancy, discuss the maternity coverage with your employer and take advantage of it.

Finding health insurance for maternity coverage is an exhilarating process. Therefore, it is best to look for a plan that suits your needs and financial situation before time. Pregnancy can become risky if you avoid prenatal care to save costs. In order to avoid complications, it is a must to sign-up for an affordable insurance plan before planning for pregnancy.