Healthcare Tips for Pregnant Women without Health Insurance

   Written by: Free Clinic Directory | Published On: December 1, 2015

Pregnant women need health insurance more than anyone, as the risks are high and the costs of prenatal care and delivery costs can peak to $15,000.

However, with the help of the government and the Affordable Care Act program, uninsured pregnant ladies can go through with their pregnancy without stressing over expensive healthcare costs. Read on to find out the different option that you can opt for without insurance.

Look for Health Care Plans by the Government

The U.S. government is doing a great job in the healthcare industry for the people that cannot afford to buy insurance. There are different programs for pregnant women including Medicaid and CHIP. Programs like these can offer up to 90% relief in prenatal care and check-up costs.

Medicaid – this is a free government healthcare plan which provides free of cost check-ups and procedures for pregnant women. The criterion for this program is based on your income and family situation.

CHIP – The Children’s Health Insurance Program is a great option for pregnant women that cannot afford to pay for prenatal care, medicines, and delivery. This program also provides relief after the delivery. Every state offers CHIP, so make sure you explore this option before losing hope.

Apart from Medicaid and CHIP, there are many state specific healthcare programs for pregnant women that have different benefits and criteria. You can easily find your nearest healthcare provider by visiting a resource directory online.

Go for a Discount Program

Many women might not be eligible for free of cost government pregnancy care programs. These women can simply look for discount programs that provide low cost pregnancy care. With the help of these programs, women will pay reduced costs on prescription medicines, check-ups, treatments, and delivery.

Explore the Option of Sliding-Fee Scales

Another option for uninsured pregnant women is to look for sliding-fee scale discounts. These programs are for women that meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines or are unable to pay for healthcare. The relief that you get in this program is based on your annual household income and family size.

Opt for a Birth Center

Not every time you will find a low cost health program. Therefore, it is best to be proactive and look for affordable clinics for prenatal care and delivery. One of the most affordable options for uninsured pregnant women is to go to birthing centers that charge less. Moreover, women there are under supervision of a nurse or a midwife throughout pregnancy. The costs associated with these centers are less because they make use of less medicines and medical equipment.

To make your pregnancy less risky and stress-free, you will need to adopt a proactive approach in finding an affordable healthcare program. During your survey, you might find many clinics and programs that offer low-cost pregnancy care, but be aware to not sign-up for anything that is risky for you and the baby. It is best to opt for government plans or registered clinics that provide low-cost pregnancy care for the women that do not have insurance.