Tips on Finding a Low Cost Health Insurance

   Written by: Free Clinic Directory | Published On: January 1, 2016

Health insurance plans are extremely expensive and only the rich can afford it. However, the ones that can’t afford to get health insurance; they look for affordable health care plans like the Affordable Care Act. According to the ACA, any individual who doesn’t have health insurance can get a chance to take care of his or her health at affordable rates.

If you are having trouble finding an affordable health insurance plan, follow the tips given below to get one that fits your needs.

Opt for a Workers Compensation Program

Every individual working in the U.S. is covered by workers compensation program by their employers. This means that if you have an injury or illness caused by work related activities, you can ask for compensation without hesitating. This is a great way to get an affordable medical treatment under workers compensation program.

Choose Medicaid for Low Cost Health Coverage

When it comes to getting health insurance with little money, you need to take a look at the government based programs that are targeted towards low income segments. One such option is Medicaid, which allows individuals in different states to get free of cost medical aid. However, to qualify for this health care plan, you will need to pass an eligibility criterion that is different for every state. If you earn money but are unable to pay for your children’s health care, you can check Medicaid and its requirements because the chances of getting free of cost medical care for your family are high.

Go for Medicare if you are Sixty Five or Older

Apart from Medicaid, another government based healthcare plan that is great for people aged sixty five or older is Medicare. Moreover, you can qualify for Medicare if you getting Social Security disability benefits. So, make sure you are not overlooking this option.

Get into your Parent’s Plan

Due to the economic instability, many college grads are unable to find a job. However, college grads that cannot afford health insurance can get coverage under their parent’s plan if they are twenty six or under. To be eligible to get under your parent’s plan, you have to be single and have a house of your own. Moreover, you have to prove that you are unable to get a job and unable to afford health insurance.

Look for High School Wellness Centers

A great way to get free of cost checkups and medical aid for your children is to look for their school’s wellness program. Many high schools have wellness centers that provide basic health care for students. So, before you give up, look into your children’s school website or ask the school authorities and take advantage of this great opportunity.

When it comes to finding a low cost health insurance plan, not many people are successful in finding one. However, there are certain clinics that offer free check-ups and medical aid. There are many other ways with which you can make this process less challenging for yourself. If you cannot afford to pay premiums on health insurance, keep looking into government based healthcare plans and opportunities that you can take advantage of.