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Pima Medical Institute Community Dental Hygiene Clinic - Seattle Health Education

9709 Third Avenue NE
Seattle WA, 98115
Contact Name: Melisa McCannel
Contact Phone: 206-322-6100
Clinic Details:

We are primarily a learning institution.  Dental hygiene students perfomr all aspects of dental hygiene and preventive care.  Examples inlcude: all exams, adult prophy, child cleanings, initial therapy (deep cleaning), x-rays, polishing teeth, fluoride treatments, sealants, and restorative care (fillings) during certain semesters.

We also have a community clinic in which licensed dentists and dental hygienist offer all services year round including crowns, bridges, onlays, inlays, extractions, limited root canal therapy, and restorative care (fillings).

Website: pmi.edu
Services: Exams, x-rays, hygiene therapy, preventive therapy, crowns, bridges, extractions, limited root canals, regular cleaning, child cleanings, deep cleanings
Remarks: We offer quality dentistry and very reasonable costs. Appointments are typically longer because we are a teaching institution.

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