Cempa Community Care - Chattanooga Primary Care Center - Chattanooga Community Health Center

  • 1000 East 3rd Street, Suite 300
  • Chattanooga TN, 37403
  • Contact Phone: (423) 265-2273
  • Clinic Details: Cempa Community Care is a community health center providing treatment prevention, and support services to those impacted with health disparities with a focus in primary and infectious disease care.

  • Website: https://www.cempa.org/
  • Services: General Primary Care; Diagnostic Lab Testing; Voluntary Family Planning; Health Screenings; Gynecological Care; Immunizations; Vaccinations; Referrals & Consultations; Mental Health Counseling; Pharmaceutical Services; Nutritional Counseling
  • Remarks: Urban Area, Permanent Clinic, Year-Round, Full-Time (open 40 hours per week)
  • Operation Hours: Mon, Wed, Thurs: 8:00am-12:30pm, 1:00pm-5:00pm; Tues: 8:00am-12:30pm, 1:00pm-6:00pm, Fri: 8:00am-1:00pm

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  • Erlanger Community Health Centers - Dodson Avenue
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    • Contact Phone: (423) 778-2800
    • Details: Mission Statement: We compassionately care for people.
  • Erlanger Community Health Centers - Premier Health
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  • 3rd Street Health Center
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    • Contact Phone: (423) 209-8350
    • Details: The 3rd Street campus is our primary health center in the heart of Chattanooga. Built in 1960 and expanded in the 1980's, the health center is located next to Erlanger Hospital with whom it shares a parking garage. Just to the southeast is the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.
  • Dental And Tb Clinic
    • Location: Chattanooga, TN - 37403 | 0 mile away
    • Contact Phone: (423) 209-8100
    • Details: The mission statement of the Health Services Division is “To Do All We Can to Assure A Healthy Community”. Our slogan is “Working Toward A Healthy Community”. The core function of this division is: prevention, education, assessment, service delivery, policy development, outreach protection, promotion, surveillance and regulation assuring compliance. Services offered through the Hamilton County Health Department include traditional preventive health services such as immunizations, maternal-child health care and communicable disease control, to specific assistance programs such as WIC (supplemental food program), primary care for children and adults, as well as dental services. There are also home visiting programs staffed by a diverse group of nurses, social workers, social counselors, case managers, health educators, lay-outreach workers, and support staff. We serve the citizens of Hamilton County, from newborns to the very oldest. Bilingual staff are available to assist the Hispanic/Latino population.
  • Homeless Health Care Center
    • Location: Chattanooga, TN - 37403 | 0 mile away
    • Contact Phone: (423) 209-5800
    • Details: One of the unique services we offer is the Homeless Health Care Center, located across the street from the Community Kitchen at 730 E. 11th St., in downtown Chattanooga. The clinic provides Hamilton County’s homeless population with diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, routine physical exams, issuance of medications, mental health and substance abuse evaluation and treatment, assistance with entitlement programs and housing placement, and transportation to and from the clinic. Each year approximately 10,000 visits are made to this clinic. Our Vision is: Self-sufficient, housed, healthy people. Our Mission is: To ensure access to quality, comprehensive health care and social services for homeless people in our community without discrimination. We are a federally funded health care for the homeless program. We first opened in 1988 and in 1994 moved to our present location. We have formal arrangements in place to secure services for some of our patients through Johnson Mental Health Center, Erlanger Medical Center, CADAS, Southside/ Dodson Avenue Health Centers and Memorial Hospital. In 1998 we were accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations and in 2001 our substance abuse recovery program was accredited by the behavioral health section of JCAHO.
  • Cherokee Health Systems - Chattanooga
    • Location: Chattanooga, TN - 37411 | 0 mile away
    • Contact Phone: (423) 266-4588
    • Details: Cherokee Health Systems is committed to ensuring every Tennessean has access to effective, high-quality care. We don’t think anything should stop someone from getting the care they need, and that’s why we make our services available to anyone who needs them. We offer a wide array of comprehensive health services, including primary care, behavioral health, dental, and pharmacy. All of our services are available to children, adults, and seniors who have coverage through private insurance plans, coverage through state programs like TennCare or CoverKids, and those who have no insurance coverage. We proudly offer sliding-fee scales to those who meet certain household size and income guidelines.
  • Volunteers In Medicine Chattanooga, Inc.
    • Location: Chattanooga, TN - 37411 | 0 mile away
    • Contact Phone: (423) 855-8220
    • Details: Volunteers in Medicine, Chattanooga, Inc. (VIM Chattanooga) is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) primary care clinic. Volunteer physicians and nurses provide free medical services to financially eligible adults who are uninsured. The mission of the VIM Chattanooga Clinic is to understand and serve the health and wellness needs of the medically underserved in our community by providing quality, compassionate and personalized care in a faith-based caring environment. Our patients are why we exist. And every person we serve, be you a patient or a volunteer, is worth the care we give.
  • Chattanooga State Dental Hygiene Clinic
    • Location: Chattanooga, TN - 37406 | 0 mile away
    • Contact Phone: (423) 697-4488
    • Details: The Clinic is a learning facility for dental hygiene students and dental assisting students at Chattanooga State Community College. Chattanooga State’s Dental Clinic is a hygiene clinic only; we only do cleanings and x-rays. All of our appointments last approximately three (3) hours. You will not be worked on the whole time, but you will be here about that long. It may take more than one appointment to complete your treatment.