MarillacHealth - Main Clinic - Grand Junction Community Health Center

  • 2333 North 6th Street
  • Grand Junction CO, 81501
  • Contact Phone: (970) 298-1782
  • Clinic Details: We provide a wide scope of primary health care services to all Mesa County residents regardless of income or insurance status.

  • Website:
  • Services: OB/Prenatal; Pediatric Care; Outreach and Preventive Care; Dental; Behavioral Health; Optical Clinic Services
  • Dental Services: Exams; Cleanings; X-rays; Fillings; Extractions; Crowns; Bridges; Dentures; Partials
  • Remarks: Urban Area, Permanent Clinic, Year-Round, Full-Time (open 55 hours per week)
  • Payment Method: Sliding Fee Scale; Child Health Plan+; Medicaid; Medicare; Rocky Mountain Health Plans; Other
  • Operation Hours: Medical Hours: Mon-Fri: 7:00am-6:00pm; Dental Hours: Mon-Wed: 8:00am-6:00pm, Thurs: 9:00am-8:00pm, Fri: 8:00am-12:00pm

Latest Reviews, Comments, Questions for Toksook Bay Sub-Regional Clinic

Comment from Susan Justice:

This comment concerns the new office manager and scheduling process.  There has been offered a confirmation line that has been available for weekend call in's.  Why anyone would remove this service I can't understand why.  I was cancelled 4 out of 6 scheduled appointments causing me much distress and frustration.  Why?  Because the money allowd in one year's time is not worked with so loosing half of my years coverage due to cancellations..with no solutions or ...consideration for the patient getting some extreme work done...Your computer monitor emphasis "respect for the sacred dignity of each person"...your new office manager in Dental lacks professionalism and offers no solutions but calling me a liar about this confirmation thing.  I have talked with previous managers, Susan...because of my medical condition...insomnia..for one....PTSD due to early traumas that increase my need for no stressors, as perscribed by my Dr. long ago.  She used to practice in what is now the Marillac Clinic..and I was her patient back in 88-.  She suggested I get on disability and took me through that process.  Last year some of the answers to my extreme sensitivities came out in a letter written to a Psychologist by my adopted mom. My answering machine is old school and even with it turned on and the volume turned will beep loudly two times..and the robo calls, the surveys, scams, free trips and wrong numbers came in the earliern morning hours and were disturbing my sleep.  I had to solve that problem by turning it off until I am up anytime between ten and two!  Some nights I do not sleep at all till the sun is rising!  This new office manager treats me like I should have another system that accommodates office policy that if they cancell me..and if I need to call in on the weekend for a Tuesday appointment..knowing I may not be up in time to call before lunch on Monday...that worked for me for years!  that was a fine service.  Now you have an answering company that wrote down my last confimation for me..the one that was cancelled two days before my appointment last Thursday..whereas NO ONE tried to call me the day of the appointment and that day, the phone was turned on at 9:30 a.m.!  That would be upsetting to anyone!  The tooth extraction, three scheduled caused me undue anxiety so needed to get some answers before it was pulled.  They offered me nothing at first...then came a sedative...I said I would take the gas too...I cannot handle pain like most people and needed assurance which I got.  When I got there they said "did you pay for the gas?" one told me about that extra expense until I got I don't carry around cash like that..even 20$ I went with the numbing shots and trust in the doctor.  I did not take the sedative mainly because it said I would have to be able to sleep the 7 following hours..and THAT would really mess my nocturnal hours up for days following!  The new assistant was also trying to tell me all that had to be done without addressing filling in one molar so I can later have other side done.  I mentioned the tooth in front of said extractee hurting a lot and that was not investigated.  A lot had to get done with my teeth and had I not had four was workable and now with policy to 'not roll over'  funds..but hey..Marillac can shift me around and I loose out on the work that needs to be done.  I have talked with Jose two times about this office manager and I am exhausted.   When the office receptionist told me last time  "we don't have you scheduled"....AGAIN....without any solution, nothing.  Thank you for addressing this for missing tooth area is very painful.  Thank you.  970-243-5434.

Comment from Deborah: I have has nothing but problems with Marillac since I began there in 2019. I still can't get into the patient portal (called twice and left messages, nothing), they are not following up on their referrals, medications, not forwarding messages, nobody knows what's going on. My medical Insurance Health Nurse asked them twice five months ago to help me with medical equipment so that I could get around. They haven't done on thing in this regard. Seems to be a constant. There is no coordination of care at all.
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